What is a Magic Link?

Magic Links are part of Reeply’s innovative approach to job applications. These unique, personalized links serve as a gateway to your own comprehensive digital resume card. Your Magic Link leads to a portfolio card of yourself that showcases your submitted professional information as a rich, multimedia resume, featuring your video responses to job-specific questions, alongside your conventional CV information. People who you share this link with can see your Reeply portfolio card. 

Why would I share my magic link with someone?
By sharing your Magic Link for example with other potential employers, you simplify your own job application process significantly. No more repetitive form-filling for each job application. With Reeply’s Magic Links, you simply send employers just this one link, and automatically you provide a complete, engaging, and personal view of your professional story with just one click. Simply send other employers your magic link, and they have all the professional information about you that they need.

Alternatively, you can also share your magic link with someone that you want to ask for feedback on your professional resume. This way, someone can easily check and help you to increase your chances of landing your dream career.

Overall, the magic link enables a streamlined, efficient, and unique way to present yourself to multiple employers by just sharing the link with them, saving time and increasing your chances of standing out in the job market.”