This is Reeply

A Community that enables Online Recruitment and Talent Acquisition via Video Applications

Reeply makes it possible for companies to put up a vacancy and to receive video applications that applicants make of themselves, all within the network. The company can set up questions prior to what they want to ask the applicant and the questions will appear on-screen while the applicant records so that they can be answered directly.

It's Super Quick

Unlike other video application solutions, Reeply does not require any Software installments or Website implementations to make use of it. Simply create an account and you are good to go!

Hire for Skills & Attitude

The right skillset is important. However, it is not the only factor that counts when you try to find the right fit for a Team. Video Applications allow the candidate to show off more than just a CV. They also allow for better hiring decisions. Every Applicant deserves to be seen and to be evaluated by more than just a piece of paper.

A steadily growing Community of Talents

In the field of online recruitment, video applications represent a significant shift. But our vision is bigger. Reeply does not equal a technical functionality by which you can receive video applications. Reeply is an ever growing community, that offers endless career opportunities for every young talent out there.