๐Ÿš€ Students, pitch your ideas at Reeply Pitch Event 2023 & win up to 1000 EUR! FREE participation! Click to learn more

Reeply Pitch Events 2023

Participate for free in our Pitch Battle events and secure your chance to win monetary prices with your innovative ideas. The first event will have a price pool of 1000 EUR:
1. Place: 500 EUR ๐Ÿ†
2. Place: 300 EUR ๐Ÿ†
3. Place: 200 EUR ๐Ÿ†

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What is this Event about?

With the Reeply Pitch Events 2023, we want to kick off the launch for our app and give students right away a great opportunity to secure price money for their innovative solutions and ideas while we stress-test our platform and gather feedback.ย 

The video pitches will be judged by business coaches and experts. The winners will be announced on the platform.ย 

How does it work?

The events starts with a 2-week introduction period currently planned to be starting on May 15th in which you can create your profile, join your universities group on the Reeply App and work on your first pitch.

On Reeply you pitch via Video, and itโ€™s as simple as recording an Instagram Reel.ย 

You can also test the waters before submitting your pitch by testing it on a test opportunity of an assigned coach, who will give you feedback on how you performed and whether there are technical problems.ย 

In the following 2 weeks, you have time to submit your real pitch.

The last week is reserved for the jury reviewing your pitches before the winner will be announced on Reeply.ย 

Who can participate?

For the upcoming pitch event, we are searching for students who possess an aptitude for solving problems and a talent for innovation. Candidates who aim to create their own startup or have already embarked on an entrepreneurial journey.

Your idea or Startup does not have to be a market-ready product, even just participating with your best idea is possible and everyone is welcome on Reeply, where we want to create a haven for like-minded talents.