Welcome to Reeply

Reeply is a networking platform that connects talent to career opportunities.  To each opportunity, every talent on the platform can apply via a “Reeply” (video reel application).
Opportunities can be for example jobs as well as projects for Freelancers. A Reeply consists first and foremost of a video by the applicant, A description and documents can be optionally attached as well.

It's Super Convenient

With Reeply, applying via video is all about convenience and comfort. Create an account and start crafting your video application with no time pressure and the freedom for unlimited retakes, to show yourself from your best side. We’re available on both Android and iOS platforms, so you can use Reeply on your own schedule, wherever you are. Not only can you apply effortlessly, but you can also connect and network with like-minded individuals. Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional applications and hello to relaxed, personalized video applications with Reeply.

Connect with Top Talent

Reeply provides a platform for talented individuals to introduce themselves via video, connect with others, and get seen by the industry. Join Reeply now to find future talents!

Connect to a Community

 With Reeply, you can connect with a network of ambitious next-generation talent and exciting projects to work on.